aBlogtoWatch Podcast Interview With Paul Pluta

aBlogtoWatch Podcast Interview With Paul Pluta

Paul Pluta is better known to most watch lovers on the internet as Archie Luxury. His prolific YouTube channel currently has almost 8,000 videos, and for years now, dedicated fans have enjoyed the strongly worded and uncommonly intimate vlogging style of this Australian luxury pundit. In the embedded podcast-style video interview, I invite you to listen to an hour-long chat I had with Paul Pluta himself.

I recall with relative clarity my initial reaction when learning about Archie Luxury some years ago. “Wow, I am really glad someone is doing this,” is what I remember thinking. While I don’t always agree with Paul in all of his opinions (or methods) I must eagerly applaud the passion and openness with which Paul channels his thoughts, desires, and reactions to the world of watches through his character Archie Luxury.

Check out the full article and interview here… 

The Man Behind Archie Luxury: aBlogtoWatch Podcast Interview With Paul Pluta

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