Sponsors Wanted

Promotional Videos

ArchieLuxury is keen to cash in on his fame and lend his hand to the making of promotional videos. ArchieLuxury is happy to act as the voice for your business or product. ArchieLuxury is happy to work with your team to help make your product or service a success.


Please contact Archie directly at archieluxury72@gmail.com


Sponsor/s Wanted

ArchieLuxury is seeking direct sponsors for this very website and YouTube channel. These can include direct product placement, false testimonials and endorsements. Sponsorship is cheap and cost effective. Prices start at just $100- per month – includes a FREE YouTube video,

Shopping Centre Appearances

ArchieLuxury is pleased to appear at your store of shopping centre for a small fee (paid in advance). Archie is happy to spruik your product in front of your customers even if he really thinks your product is shit. Fees start at $50- per hour (minimum 3 hours) and Archie is happy to travel via Premium economy air fares (at your expense naturally). All fees and travel need to be paid in advance. A 35% non-refundable deposit ensures Archie will make your event special.


Movies/TV Roles

Archieluxury is happy to throw his hat into the ring for any movies and TV roles. Although Archie is not formally trained as an actor, Archie has much experience gained from lying to people for over 35 years. Archie has sold computer equipment, automobiles, and luxury items (including upscale watches, jewellery and luggage).
Archie has always been able to look the customer in the eye and lie. Archie can cry on key and is happy to sell his soul for money.
Please contact Archie directly at archieluxury72@gmail.com


Business Functions/Speaker

Archieluxury is pleased to offer his services as a business speaker to any business function. ArchieLuxury delivers his message with humour to make your occasion memorable and long lasting.
Archie is a specialist in the following areas:-


The Future of Retailing
The On-Line Revolution
Small Business
Luxury Goods and Merchandise
Dealing with Generation Y
Small Business and On-Line = PROFIT$
How to Screw your Enemies
Legal ways for Revenge