I am ArchieLuxury

ArchieLuxury was born on the 23rd of October in 1972.  This was a great year as it was also the launch

of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.  Times were good, Nixon was in the White House and Gough Whitlam

was just about to win a landslide election in Australia.  1972 was also the year the Mercedes Benz 350SL

was available in showrooms across Australia, having been officially released in 1971.
Other significatnt cars available in 1972 include the BMW 2002tii, Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.3,

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Jaguar E Type Series III V12 and of course the Ferrari Dino 246GT

and Daytona.

Archie’s father worked for a leading bank whilst studying economics at Queensland University.

Archie had his first feel for luxury when he was in pre-school and was given cashew

nuts instead of cheap peanuts by his mother in his lunch box.  Archie’s family

regularly enjoyed “the better” cuts of beef and Archie came accustomed

to the better things in life.

Archie’s father obtained a job with Chase Manhattan bank in partnership

with National Australia Bank when Paul Keating deregulated the dollar

and the financial system.  Archie’s father was a Merchant Banker with

luxury car, corner office, expensive art work and busty secretary.

Archie recalls the car as a Ford Fairmount Ghia (OZP-556) which

cost $20,500 in 1983 (an average family car at the time cost

about $10,000)

Archie is a huge fan of all obscene displays of wealth and is a firm believer

in buying on the secondary market.  Archie is presently married with 4 children

(from marriages 1 and 3).  Archie has reached a point where he is happy with

his humble collections.